News of the Evolution of the TAG Heuer Link


Like decades before, the 1980s and 1990s were a time when quartz-powered and digital timepieces were all the rage, while traditional Swiss mechanical replica watches were largely in hibernation, but not as rich in watch design milestones as they were in the 1960s and 1970s. However, there were always a few exceptions that proved the rule, one of which was TAG Heuer’s sporty model released in 1987: the TAG Heuer S/El, which evolved into a better-known and more popular incarnation, the TAG Heuer Link, in 1999.
Featuring characteristics such as 200m water-resistance, a screw-down crown, a double safety clasp bracelet, a unidirectional rotating bezel, sapphire crystal, and luminescent details, the S/El’s various incarnations, including most quartz models, some digital and a few automatic models, became TAG Heuer’s best-selling watches of the time.
Designed by prolific watch designer Eddie Schopfer, who also designed the TAG Heuer 2000 and many other popular models for TAG Heuer and other brands, the S/El was known for its unconventional, instantly recognizable bracelet, which consisted of interlocking double “S” shaped links, each consisting of two curved steel ingots, with the case Seamlessly integrated, its softly rounded edges are ergonomically designed for a comfortable wrist. In essence, TAG Heuer has created the first watch that is immediately recognizable not necessarily by its dial design or case shape, but by a single bracelet link.
When TAG Heuer developed a specially designed watch for Hadid and presented it to her at the grand opening of their flagship store on Oxford Street in London, TAG Heuer chose the redesigned Link Lady as the template.
The chronograph model shares the same case design and dimensions as the Calibre 5 men’s model and is available in black or blue dial options with sunburst accents. The replica watch features a classic minute repeater dial layout with a subdial with a small seconds hand at 3 o’clock, chronograph minutes at 9 o’clock, and chronograph hours at 6 o’clock.
TAG Heuer’s postmodern Link collection occupies an important position between classic sport and high design luxury – a position that may not be fully defined yet, but the design may evolve and will surely continue to take shape as the family grows.

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The Top Quality Replica TAG Heuer Limited Edition Carrera Skipper

There is no doubt that you will not be surprised to hear that here that we love vintage chronographs. Of all the periods in chronograph design, we think the 1960s were especially rich, with a wide range of replica watches with colorful, even daring, dial designs, which retained the elegant case proportions of earlier decades at the same time. In that spirit, today we’re proud to announce that we’re introducing a revival of one of our favorite chronographs of all time – in partnership with the replica TAG Heuer.
Owing to the research efforts on the part of the Heuer collector community, there’s a huge amount we know about the fake tag Heuer Carrera, and here at HODINKEE, we’ve made our own contributions, including an in-depth look at the origins of the very first Carrera. While these first examples were launched in 1963, there was one very special example that was designed and introduced exactly 50 years ago this year.?TAG Heuer
America’s Cup was won by a remarkable yacht in 1967, the groundbreaking Intrepid. Heuer decided to celebrate the occasion by creating the Heuer Carrera Skipper model, which is now considered one of the most collectible vintage tag Heuers in the world. Designed in 1967 and first launched in 1968, the Skipper remained in production with tag Heuer for the next 10 years, with a succession of different cases taken from either the Carrera or the Autavia, but always retaining the outstanding legibility and durability necessary for a regatta timer.
To say that the original Carrera Skipper replica watch is rare, to put it mildly, an understatement – fewer than 20 are thought to have been made and only a dozen are still known to exist today, in varying conditions. The watch was so elusive that up until its existence was finally officially confirmed in 2008, collectors and the replica tag Heuer scholars enthusiastically debated whether the watch had ever existed at all.
The original Skipper is a watch you seldom see. It’s a watch you won’t easily forget as well, thanks to its bold use of color: light green, dark blue, and bright orange are all present. These colors weren’t chosen just because they were eye-catching; the color palette was actually taken from the color scheme of Intrepid, as we discovered when we photographed the original Skipper and the new limited edition together on the deck of this groundbreaking yacht.

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