Replica Rolex Explorer II Brief History

Today’s Rolex watches are virtually unlimited in age, industry, and gender. But every single Rolex collection is designed for a specific person. The Yacht-Master for sailing, the GMT-Master II for international pilots, the Submariner for professional divers, the Daytona for racing, the replica Rolex Explorer II for cavers, and so on.

Reasons For The Rolex Explorer II

We all know that the Rolex Explorer II collection is based on the Explorer I, so why would Rolex design a different Explorer watch again? The Rolex Explorer I collection was born in 1953 and is closely associated with extreme mountaineering. Explorer I watches have only three hands and only show the time. Rolex Explorer I watches are sturdy, but they are more suited to outdoor adventures and are not suitable for all types of adventures. For example, explorers who spend long hours in dark caves. After realizing this problem, Rolex has redesigned a new Explorer, the Explorer II watches.

Rolex Explorer II 1655

The first Explorer II watch that Rolex introduced was the ref. 1655, which was born in 1971. Because it was a watch designed for cavers, there was a big difference between it and the Explorer I watches. First, the larger 39mm stainless steel case. Secondly, the dial not only has an additional date window with a Cyclops, but also an additional 24-hour hand pointing to the 24 hours on the fixed bezel. The 24 bezel exists to help the wearer distinguish between day and night.

The replica Rolex Explorer II 1655 was produced for a total of 14 years. During that time, the orange 24-hour hand was replaced with a red one. However, over time, the red would fade to orange. So all Rolex Explorer II 1655s that have survived to the present day have similar orange hands.

To ensure optimal readability of the Explorer II watches in the dark, special attention has been paid to night vision details. There are illuminated markers every five minutes and small illuminated squares every 2.5 minutes. Of course, the 24 hour hand also has an illuminated marker. In addition, the first Rolex Explorer II copy watch was powered by the same NO.1575 movement as the GMT-Master watches of the time.

Rolex Explorer II 16550

The first update of the Rolex Explorer II super clone watches was in 1985, with the introduction of the ref. 16550. However, the Rolex Explorer II 16550 was only produced for four years, so it is also known as the “transitional” model. But we can see more of the hallmarks of a modern watch in this model. The replica Rolex Explorer II 16550 increased the case size to 40mm, the movement was upgraded to NO.3085 with GMT function, the indexes were made of white gold and the orange 24-hour hand was replaced by a red one.

Rolex Explorer II 16570

The Rolex Explorer II 16570 was born in 1989, and is the longest-produced watch in the Explorer II’s history. This replica Rolex Explorer II watch consolidates the changes introduced in the previous model. In particular, the index in the white dial is surrounded by a black outline, unlike the black dial. Furthermore, the imitation Rolex Explorer II 16570 with its white dial is also known as the “Polar Explorer”. This model was produced over a period of 22 years, during which time the movement was upgraded from NO.3185 to NO.3186.

Rolex Explorer II 216570

2011 marks the 40th anniversary of the Explorer II collection. To celebrate this achievement, Rolex presents the Rolex Explorer II 216570. This latest Rolex Explorer II fake watch draws on the design of the Ref. 1655, but with a host of modern updates. The case size has been expanded to 42mm, making it the largest case to date for the Explorer II watches. This means that the inside of the dial can accommodate larger and longer indexes and hands. As a result, the dial of the replica Rolex Explorer II 216570 is more readable.

In tribute to Freccione, the Rolex Explorer II 216570 is equipped with an orange 24-hour hand. The self-winding movement 3187 inside the watch is made by Rolex in-house and is COSC certified. In addition, this movement has a Parachrom hairspring and Paraflex shock absorber inside. These two devices ensure better resistance to shocks and extreme conditions.

2021 Rolex Explorer II?

So far, the Rolex Explorer II 216570 has been in continuous production for 9 years. However, it is highly likely that Rolex will renew the Explorer II watch again in 2021, as it is the 50th anniversary of the Explorer II collection. Of course, Rolex is not a brand that celebrates every anniversary.

Review the history of so Rolex Explorer II knock off watches that have appeared. Then, you will notice that these China replica watches have always been made of stainless steel, the water resistance has always been kept at 100M, the 24-hour hand inside the dial has always been there, and the 24-hour bezel has always been made of stainless steel and kept in place. In fact, both the Explorer I and the Explorer II are popular watches, but these days they live in the shadow of the more popular Submariner and GMT-Master II watches.

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New Rolex Replica Watches and Discontinued Models

Baselworld 2021 may be long-since canceled, but with many of the exhibiting brands now at the show, there are still plenty of new Rolex watches to discuss this year. While Rolex just launched a new watch in September 2020, we already have a bunch of novelties to discuss – and like all new Rolex releases, these new products are the biggest watch-related news of the year.?? rolex-076680_06
However, new Rolex watches are only half the story. At any given time, the brand adds models to its catalog and inevitably some are discontinued. Also, almost any time Rolex updates its catalog, the brand’s actions will inevitably affect the overall market for replica Rolex watches. So, what’s new this year, and which models have been discontinued?
The new generation of Rolex Explorer watches includes the two-tone Ref. 124273 and the all-stainless steel 124270. as is customary for the line, both models are exclusively equipped with black dials, but while the previous generation of the Explorer had a 39mm case, the new generation reverts to its original size. The 36mm case diameter is hardly new to Rolex, but this change suddenly makes the recently discontinued reference 214270 significantly more convincing from an investment standpoint.?Rolex Explorer watches
This year marks the 50th anniversary of the fake Rolex Explorer II, and almost everyone expected the brand to release a new model to celebrate the occasion. Rolex did release a new Explorer II this year, and while there was much discussion about the possibility of a ceramic bezel or splashes of green on the dial and hands to mark the anniversary, the new Explorer II is essentially similar to the recently discontinued model.
Any time Rolex releases a new sports watch, the notoriety that accompanies it tends to drive up demand for existing models on the open market. In addition, since this generation of the replica Rolex Explorer II is quite similar to its predecessor, it makes the older 40mm version of the watch even more unique. The 5-digit reference numbered Explorer II watches have gained a lot of traction in recent years, and since the new number 226570 continues the trend of 42mm cases and updated design language, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the older 40mm model continue to hold strong favor with a cult following.

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